We offer a variety of services likePC Desktop Service in Delhi

  • Mac Notebook Repair

We provide repair services for any and all problems related to Notebook.

  • Component-level Repair

We provide services for repairs at component-level of all brands of laptop.

  • Screen Repair

We provide services for repairing all kinds of damaged or distorted laptop screens.

  • Power jack repair

We provide repair services for all laptop battery and power related problems.

We provide repair services for removal of viruses and spywares from laptop or computers.

  • Fan Replacement

We provide computer/laptop fan replacement.

Also we provide other services like keyboard replacement, DVD replacement and so on. And we do it two ways

  1. We have our desktop/laptop repairing center in Delhi where you can bring your laptop for repairing and servicing.
  2. We offer onsite computer/laptop repair in Delhi where our experts will visit your location and do the repairing.

Why our services…

There should be a question on your mind now that why you should choose our laptop repair services in Delhi when there are hundreds of repair centers in Delhi. The answer is simple as we work with complete transparency in repairing your digital devices. Whether you bring your computer or laptop to our service center or call us for an onsite visit, our experts will give a very clear picture of what exactly is the problem is how much it is going to cost you to get the repairs done. Repairs are done right in-front of your eyes so that you can have the complete assurance of quality work. We use original parts for replacement so that your laptop is up-to-date. This ensures that you do not end up paying more than the actual cost of repairing. And if your system needs to be taken to our center, we also provide free pickup and drop services. Customer’s satisfaction with our work is our motto.